Saturday, January 2, 2010

Today was a good day. Jeremiah was very much there unlike last night. We had two little guest today ari and zion. The kids played so well together all day. Even joshe and zion. I was very impressed. No one took a very good nap but that is kinda to be expected.

Last night Jeremiah was scarily not there. He was playing and I told him to go get his jammies on. He kept going on and talking and playing make believe like I never said anything. I went and got in his face and tried to make eye contact and he was not there. His eyes were blank. Kinda weird. Beka was next to me and she said:Mommy Jeremiahs playing with me but I am not playing with him. The lights are on but nobodys home." Sorry but it cracked me up that she said that. She was so right. I got his jammies on for him and the kids went to bed. Thank God he woke up much better

Dr Koh wrote me back. We are going to set up a at home eeg that will last 72 hours. I am so over eegs but we shall see. Maybe it will be good, The other thing is that she is going to send us to UCLA. I feel very good about it and am very hopeful.

God told me the word for the New Year is HOPE. that is something I felt like I lost and he is renewing my hope. God is do very good to us.

Please pray that Medicaid will pre approve us going to ucla and that we will get a good dr who will get to the bottom of things or at least be able to help Jeremiah in the mean time. Also please keep praying for God to completly heal Jeremiah. That payer cant hurt either. Thanks for reading.

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