Sunday, January 3, 2010

Today Jeremiah woke up with very clear speech. It was awesome. He came in my room and woke me up telling on Josiah for something. He never ever does that, normally he just screams and attacks for himself. It was great. Unfortunately it did not last and he then had a very aggressive day. He kept getting angry at Josiah and going off on him. on the way to church he started punching him in the car. I had to pull over and separate them. The horrible thing is that Josiah was not doing anything beside just breathing, but even sometimes that is too much for Jeremiah to deal with. It is sooooo very frustrating. So then I start seriously struggling with strong feelings of dislike and I had to deal with that. Tonight at church I gave Jeremiah back into Jesus hands. Sometimes I forget to keep him there. Its so hard. His anger is so hard for me to deal with because when I correct it he just does not understand and he will turn on me and start lashing out at me. Tonight he seemed like he was definitely building up for a seizure. I sure hope that's not the case. he will start being more hyper and saying certain things like i am scared. Tonight he was doing that. I think he was having auras of fear. It so sucks!!! Esp when no one listens and write it off as behavior. I Hate that word!!! On a good note the kids loved church and came home telling me all about what they learned about the Holy spirit. That made my night.

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